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Bright, Flawless Looks to Ring In the Holiday Season

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

As the holiday season approaches, we’re thinking about decking the halls and celebrating with friends and family. And if you’re like us, you want to have a camera-ready look for Thanksgiving and winter holiday family photos. If so, it’s time to give your skin the attention it deserves so you can look your best.

Woman smiling as holiday season makeup is applied.

Thanksgiving: A Time for Gratitude and Flawless Skin

Thanksgiving is a special time when loved ones gather to give thanks and celebrate. Whether you're hosting or attending, it's important to look and feel your best. That's why we always prioritize our skincare routine before the active weekend to achieve a flawless look.

At Face Reflections, our microdermabrasion treatments gently remove dead skin cells, leaving your skin fresh and glowing. Paired with a customized facial, it's a recipe for radiant skin to give you inner confidence and an outer glow.

Accessing Stress Relief and Holiday Season Hydration

Once Thanksgiving is over, the winter holidays are just around the corner, so you need to winter-proof your skin. We find that the cold, dry winter air combined with a lot of time spent in heated environments takes a toll, leading to dryness and redness, but hydrating facials and moisturizing treatments combat these winter skin issues.

For instance, our organic facials infuse your skin with moisture, leaving it soft, supple, and ready to brave the winter weather. We also provide recommendations for at-home skincare routines to maintain your skin's health, such as the FarmHouse Fresh line we use in our facials.

And while the holiday season is joyful, it can come with stress. So in addition to assisting you in looking great, talk to us about stress reduction treatments so we can help alleviate your worries, too.

Want to look your best this holiday season? Book your complimentary consultation today and take the first step towards upgrading your skincare routine.

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