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Your Ultimate Guide to Fall Makeup

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Each new season brings new opportunities to have fun, connect with friends, and assess your beauty regimen. Whether you are meeting family at the pumpkin patch or are planning to host a Halloween party with friends, update your fall makeup so your look is in line with the season.

Cool Weather and Bolder, Deeper Hues

Fall is a great time to go bold and leave the natural tones of summer behind. This bodes well for fans of the smoky eye, a look that utilizes eyeshadow tones like navy, gray, burgundy, and green. And if you are looking for something less dramatic, try blending a dark eyeshadow color along your lash line as an eyeliner substitute.

Seekers of a crisp line can turn to liquid eyeliner options, ideal for graphic lines. Pairing a black liquid liner with an autumn eyeshadow shade could be just the right look for your next night out in your favorite fall coat.

Additionally, you can transition away from bronzers toward a blush that will provide your cheeks with a flush of color. And lip products move from the light glosses of summer to bolder, pigmented lipsticks.

Connect with the Perfect Fall Makeup for You

To connect with a flawless fall look for your lifestyle, reach out to a skincare expert at Face Reflections. Our professionals will listen carefully to what you want and help you achieve the right look for you.

For example, if you want to hold on to a bit of summer color as the days get shorter, there are self-tan products from companies such as Farmhouse Fresh. This and other lines carried at Face Reflections are committed to creating high-quality products that are organic and cruelty-free.

Does your look need an autumnal update? Have fun with fall! Talk to a professional at Face Reflections to learn about makeup choices to enhance your natural beauty. Book your free consultation today.

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