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Hello, Fall! Time to Change Up Your Skincare Routine

As the long summer days give way to crisp fall air, I’ve begun to think about how to pair my favorite tank tops with cute autumn sweaters, but while fall fashion is fun, I also remind everyone that seasonal makeovers stretch beyond wardrobes. Our skincare routines will require some attention to accommodate the changing weather, too.

Natural beauty products for fall.

Layer Wisely and Use Sunscreen

When building your fall skincare routine, know that the principle of layering isn't just for clothing. Layering can also be a skincare strategy. For instance, start with lighter products and work up to thicker ones. I like to start with a cleanser and a toner, then follow that with a serum and a moisturizer. Plus, you want to complete your routine with sunscreen, because UV rays can cause skin damage year round.

And as humid summer days wane our skin will begin to feel drier, so for most people I recommend transitioning to a richer moisturizer during the cooler months. At Face Reflections, we carry and recommend organic, clean beauty products, such as those offered by FarmHouse Fresh.

Beyond Your Skincare Routine, Nourish from Within

While external care is a key component to youthful, vibrant skin, you also need to care for your body from within in order to have a healthy glow. So begin consuming nutrient-rich foods and staying hydrated now because once indoor heating systems engage, it will directly affect your skin.

Your skin is unique, so it’s natural to have questions about which products to use or how to address specific skin concerns. When you do, connect with our team at Face Reflections. We are here to introduce you to restorative treatments and help you build a seasonal skincare routine that suits your needs.

What are your fall skincare questions? Book your fee-free consultation today.

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