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Valentine's Gift Basket

Treat Yourself, a Friend, or Your Sweetheart to a DIY At-Home Spa Day for Valentine’s Day!

Choose one of our Farmhouse Fresh 3-Step Instant Facial Kits and a Farmhouse Fresh hand cream, we will add in a Zachi Chocolate bar and wrap it all in a gift basket for you. Curbside Pickup Available! 


Mighty Tighty® Firming  Has your complexion lost its glow? Fine lines overstaying their welcome? This 3-step facial gives skin a wealth of vitamins that in turn bring out your natural radiance and take complexion to a state of dreamy youthdom!


Hydration Cascade™ Is your complexion feeling a little parched? Dry and rough too? This 3-step facial delivers deep hydration and a gentle polish for baby-soft, quenched skin!


Radiance Maker  Is skin looking a bit lackluster? Or a little rough to the touch? You're in luck. This 3-step facial is designed to unearth your complexion's natural radiance with a unique plantfoliant™ and glycolic mask that are gentle enough to use every day. Get lost in soft!


Purely Degunked Say goodbye to combination skin frustrations & too apparent pores and hello to the deep clean of your dreams! This 3-step facial is designed to degunk and banish bacteria & oils that overstay their welcome, so you get a balanced complexion.


Porefectly Calm™ Aggravated skin? Sometimes oil, sometimes not? Big pores, acne and other everyday challenges needing a balanced finish? This 3-step facial gives you a deep drink of vital nutrients, bringing rapid calming relief to comfort and balance skin.


Recommended for normal to dry skin types. Protects against chapping, cracking and roughness. Relieves itching due to dry skin.


Fine Aroma Amazonic Cacao can reach 21 different flavor hints that go between floral, fruity, and nutty essences. It is loaded with flavonoids that help you fight off free radical damage and protect you from oxidative stress, signs of premature aging, and heart disease. Cacao also increases the levels of endorphins and serotonin in your brain that help to enhance your mood, reduce anxiety, and give you a sense of well-being.


Hurry! Offer ends 2/28/2021

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