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Grab a friend or simply come enjoy
a day to yourself! 🧖🏽‍♀️💕


EXPERIENCE: A foaming hemp cleanser removes excess oils
and makeup to prep complexion for a red leaf lettuce toner!
Now at a blank slate, let’s exfoliate with a natural plantfoliant
facial polish, comprised of medium grain pumice & bamboo
silica to whisk away dry skin. So renewing, you won’t believe
how soft to the touch you are after just 1 treatment. Next, we
mask with a glycolic fruit extract & honey blend to hydrate and
refine. Brighten up with an application of a vitamin-enhanced
illuminating serum paired with a 2% pure form, slow-release
retinol hydrator — the look of fine lines are a thing of the past!
We end with an eye-transforming serum to beautify!


EXPERIENCE: A creamy coconut milk cleanser rids the complexion
of excess oils, bacteria, and makeup. Next, a pristine rose water
tonic helps alleviate the appearance of pores, like magic! Next,
we illuminate with a vitamin C + chamomile mask, and breathe in
the juicy, citrus notes as the mask is gently painted on. Once
rinsed, we add a beautiful rosy-pink serum that replenishes
the complexion with vitamins C, E & 4 forms of hyaluronic acid.
A whipped, billowy mousse then fights the appearance of fine
lines with slow-release pure form retinol! We end by beautifying
your under & outer-eyes with an organic gotu kola serum.
Gorgeous much? Yes! You.

💓Grab your gal pal or guy pal and enjoy a relaxing & rejuvenating facial treatment


💓All facials booked in February will receive a free lip treatment

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