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Pamper yourself with our Sweet Summer Specials.

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Oh, wholesome joy! We begin with a gentle Green Tea Milk Wash cleanser to remove makeup and dirt. Next, skin glistens with a Vitamin Berry Tonic application before a smoothing natural buffing powder blend exfoliates with calming burdock root, mango butter, skin-enhancing rice powder, and whole milk. Then, an avocado butter mask is applied, infused with fatty acids, moisture-locking ingredients, and skin-feeding super antioxidants – green tea, goji fruit, and pomegranate. Add a splash of healing to this treatment with an antioxidant-recovery serum using resveratrol from Texas winery grapes – complexion will thank you. More soothing and firming takes place with a Three Milk Moisturizer peptide application, and a treat for the eyes as Crow Catcher, a powerful line-smoothing eye transformation serum, begins to loosen the squint and bring on a refreshed appearance.

Let it all go — aches, muscle pain and yesterday’s worries with this vitamin-E rich body kneading, perfect after a long day outside under the sun. Skin is prepped with a warm coconut oil-infused cocoon. Soft notes of juicy watermelon fragrance your treatment room as skin drinks in the warmth and newfound hydration. Finally, a watermelon extract whipped body mousse and Agave Nectar body oil come together to glide over muscles — legs, arms and shoulders — carrying all your stresses away