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For Glowing Skin, Choose an Organic Spa

When you choose a skin care product, are you relying on what the product claims it can do? While anti-aging, firming, and smoothing claims can be appealing, it is important to remember quality products are made with quality ingredients.

Visiting an organic spa means you can relax and enjoy treatments free of artificial ingredients and chemicals. Plus, while many do have sensitive skin, there are plenty of individuals who believe they have sensitive skin but are actually experiencing a reaction to low quality, synthetic ingredients. Organic products lead to happier skin as healthy skin is less irritated and inflamed.

And while there are DIY alternatives that may be beneficial for the skin, it is important to discuss your skin care choices with an experienced esthetician at an organic spa before making any final decisions. A skin care professional can use their experience and training to assess your skin type and make specific recommendations.

Learn About Skin-Type Specific Choices

When you schedule an appointment at Face Reflections, you will receive a thorough skin analysis. Then, you will be provided with skin-type specific choices, including which cleansers, exfoliants, toners, or moisturizers could be beneficial. For example, one of the lines carried at Face Reflections is FarmHouse Fresh, clean-beauty products that are naturally derived.

After all, glowing skin isn’t achieved through using trendy products, healthy skin is skin that is nourished and pampered. So, instead of trying to solve a skin care concern with an over-the-counter product, connect with a skin care professional for real results. An organic spa treatment will lead to benefits you can see and feel.

At Face Reflections, we calm and hydrate skin while using high performing, eco-friendly products. The result? Glowing skin.

Are you ready for an organic spa treatment? Schedule your appointment today.

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