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What to Expect from Your First Electrolysis Session

Are you considering electrolysis? If so, you're probably curious about what to expect. It’s normal to have questions when pursuing something new, and we're here to walk you through the process. 

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Your Initial Consultation

A consultation is a great way to have your concerns addressed and determine if electrolysis is the right choice for you. During this session, we'll listen to your hair removal goals, discuss options with you, and perform a skin assessment. 

Your first meeting with us is also a great time to discuss any concerns. For example, there is a common misconception that the electrolysis process is painful. But in reality, most describe the sensation as mild discomfort rather than pain. 

Steps of a First Electrolysis Session 

Electrolysis works by delivering a small current to a hair follicle. Here's what happens during your first session:

  • Preparation. We'll thoroughly clean the treatment area and may apply a topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort.

  • Treatment. Using a fine probe, individual hair follicles are targeted. You'll feel a brief sensation of heat or tingling as the current is applied.

  • Post-treatment care. After the session, we'll apply a soothing gel to the treated area to reduce redness and swelling.

When making a decision on where to go for hair removal, be sure to engage with a professional who has the background and skills you need. Someone who makes you feel comfortable and connects you with the appropriate aftercare for optimal outcomes. 

At Face Reflections we pride ourselves on our experienced and qualified team. We prioritize your safety and comfort. Starting electrolysis is a big step towards achieving your hair removal goals, and we're here to support you every step of the way. 

Are you ready to book your first electrolysis session? Whether you are ready to get started or have more questions, we're available. Schedule a fee-free consultation so we can support you on your journey to smooth, hair-free skin!

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