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Up the Moisturizer and More Winter Skincare Tips

In the Midwest, winters are filled with stunning white snowfalls and entertaining winter sports. But whether you enjoy the cold and snowy days from the comfort of a warm home or out on the ski slopes, winter skin issues are an unfortunate reality for many.

While daily moisturizing routines help to combat dry, irritated skin, it is also helpful to rethink your product choices. Talk through your skin issues and product preferences, such as choosing heavy creams or opting for fast-absorbing lotions, with a skincare expert.

Identify Why Your Skin Is Dry

Beyond your moisturizing choices, determining other reasons for your dry, winter skin issues can pave a path to skin recovery. Often windy, cold outside air is a contributor, but forced air heat within homes and offices can also dry out your skin.

Winter skincare tips:

  • Add a humidifier to your bedroom. Because they emit a mist into the room, humidifiers are upping the humidity level of the air, helping to hydrate your skin. While you can use a humidifier anywhere in your home, choosing the bedroom means you are confident your skin will be in a humid environment for hours each day.

  • Drink water. Throughout the year, staying hydrated is essential for radiant skin. This is true in winter, spring, summer, and fall. Drinking water throughout the day, and limiting alcohol and caffeinated beverages, can balance pH levels, flush out toxins, and keep your skin elastic and refreshed.

  • Take shorter showers. While a hot shower may feel great on a chilly morning, water that is too hot can dehydrate your skin. Instead, take a shorter rinse with warm water. Also, toss out any harsh products and replace them with creamy, soothing cleansers. And as soon as you are dried off, apply moisturizer.

What winter skincare questions do you have? Talk to the professionals at Face Reflections about your unique skin care needs. Book your free consultation today.

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