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How to Spring Clean Your Skin

Updated: May 2, 2022

Spring is in the air! As the weather warms you will likely be spending more time outside with family and friends and enjoying blooming plants and flowers. While many take advantage of warmer weather to open their windows and let fresh air into their homes, don’t forget to update your personal care routine, too. With sunshine and longer days, it's time to spring clean your skin.

Toss Out Expired Items and Start Fresh

It is common to have cosmetics and other skin products that are past their expiration date. Generally, cleansers and moisturizers last for a year or two but you’ll want to upgrade makeup, such as eyeliners and application sponges, more frequently. Using old products can lead to acne and inflammation.

Also, you may have picked up a skin care item along the way on impulse, doing so without reading the ingredients. As you go through your products, take a peek at what is in them. Say yes to antioxidants and toss items with parabens. If you are looking for new products, Face Reflections skin experts can provide recommendations from clean, green producers such as FarmHouse Fresh.

Spring Clean Your Skin and Leave Winter Behind

During the winter months, freezing outdoor temperatures and indoor heating takes a toll. Dehydrated, dry, dull skin can be an unfortunate consequence. The good news is you can rejuvenate your skin, resulting in a smooth and luminous appearance. Treating your skin well with healthy day-to-day habits and nourishing your skin with facials and skin care treatments can boost skin from its winter doldrums.

Is it time for you to spring clean your skin care routine? Connect with a skin expert to discuss ways to get started. Additionally, Face Reflections makeup experts are available to provide guidance on spring makeup trends. Schedule your free skin consultation today.

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