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Extra Pampering, from Gua Sha to Lash Tints

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Whether you have facials on a set schedule or you are a person who turns to skin treatments when there is a special occasion, consider trying add-on services to elevate your experience.

Having a facial is a path to glowing, smooth skin. Plus, it's relaxing. And if you have specific concerns or are looking for additional ways to feel even more recharged and look even more stunning, consider adding some extra pampering.

Massage and Rejuvenation

Gua sha is a massage technique that uses polished stone to promote energy flow and improve circulation. The treatment promotes healing through increasing blood flow and reducing tension. Other rejuvenation options include hot stones, a process of placing heated stones on areas of the body that are tense or stiff.

Rejuvenation can be paired with aesthetic goals as well. Extra pampering choices include lip and eye treatments to boost hydration and reduce visible wrinkles. At Face Reflections we are committed to using organic and natural products, such as those distributed by Farmhouse Fresh, for these treatments.

Enhancing Your Natural Beauty

There are even add-on offerings to enhance your natural assets. For example, eyebrow tinting and lash tinting. Because the dye used is semi-permanent, you can try the look on without making a permanent commitment. But because it lasts up to a month, you can go on vacation or book work meetings while confidently knowing your look will be on point for weeks to come.

If you choose to keep tinting, the schedule is aligned with recommended facial treatments. For most individuals, booking a facial every 4-6 weeks is advised, that is in line with the natural turnover of your skin cells.

Are you ready to talk through your extra pampering options with a skin expert? Connect with a professional at Face Reflections. Book your free consultation today.

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