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Does Your Chin Hair Feel Like a Pokey Cactus?

Do you ever find yourself stuck in traffic and touching your chin only to find hair that feels like a pokey cactus?  Or, maybe, you take a quick glance in the rear view mirror to check out your face before opening the door.  The sunlight hits at just the right angle and you’re horrified at the large amount of unsightly facial hair.  Where did it all come from?

The truth is that your unwanted facial hair could have been exacerbated by the very things you did to get rid of the problem in the first place–tweezing, waxing, and threading.  Yes, each one of those methods on the face produces the same results–thicker, darker, coarser hair and more of it.  An increased blood supply is the cause of the accelerated growth.  The pulling action is like a trauma to the hair follicle and the body’s response to any trauma is to heal itself.  The follicle then reconstructs itself a little sturdier with a better developed capillary system each time.  Eventually, those few annoying fine hairs will have become strong, coarse hairs bristling in defiance of your attempts to destroy them.

Interestingly, there are a few exceptions to this general truth and eye brows are one example.  Brow hairs are more fragile follicles and unlike other hair on the face, these hairs can sometimes be permanently eliminated by tweezing, waxing, or threading.  It’s why as women get older, they learn to regret over-zealous tweezing from their youth because they’re left with thin, sparse brows that need to be enhanced with make-up to compensate for the missing brow hairs.

The take-away here is that if you’re considering tweezing, waxing, or threading, stick with the brows (choose your brow shape carefully) and don’t wander off to other areas of the face.  Only electrolysis will result in the permanent removal of your unwanted facial hair.

Get rid of unwanted facial hair with electrolysis at Face Reflections, in Bloomingdale, IL.

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