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Complete (and Permanent) Care for Unwanted Hair

It is common for people to want hair on one part of their body but not another. For example, many want thick, voluminous hair on their heads but they want to get rid of unwanted hair on their face. Temporary solutions, such as waxing, shaving, or threading appeal to some, but others find permanent solutions to be a more attractive option.

Is It Really Possible to Permanently Remove Hair?

Yes, electrolysis is a solution for permanent hair removal. But individuals who pursue electrolysis do need to recognize that while some individuals obtain the results they are seeking in a few sessions, others require multiple appointments over time. After all, hair growth is connected to genetics and hormones, and hormonal shifts happen throughout a person’s life.

If you are seeking a permanent hair removal solution, discuss your goals with a skincare expert. Whether you have unwanted hair on your upper lip, chin, jawline, abdomen, bikini line, feet, legs, or back, electrolysis could be the perfect solution for you.

When you book an initial, complementary consultation at Face Reflections, you can confidentially share where you have unwanted hair. Next, your electrologist will create a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs.

Does Electrolysis Work On All Hair Types?

Electrolysis, which uses an electric current to deactivate a hair root, is an extremely versatile hair removal solution. Suitable for any area of your body, electrolysis has led to successful, permanent hair removal for individuals of every skin and hair type.

If you find yourself hiding from social situations and turning down invitations, it’s time for you to free yourself of the unwanted hair that is holding you back.

Are you ready to finally get rid of unwanted hair for good? Connect with a professional at Face Reflections. Book your free consultation today.

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