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4 Facials to Rejuvenate Your Skin for the New Year

As the calendar turns to a New Year, why not embrace the opportunity for a fresh start? After all, the rush of the holidays, poor sleep habits, too many days in the sun, age spots, and fine lines can lead to dull looking skin.

You don’t have to accept dry, puffy skin. Instead, explore facials to rejuvenate your appearance and put your best face forward in 2023.

Anti-Aging Facials

If you are looking for a non-invasive way to turn back the clock, consider a microcurrent facial. These esthetic treatments tone the skin, physically firming your face without redness or swelling. By using a low-grade current, microcurrent facials re-educate muscles, resulting in lifted eyes and facial contours.

Treatments for Your Back

Considering wearing that backless dress for New Year’s Eve? Opt for a facial to rejuvenate your back, so you will look amazing, coming and going. Through a steam, cleanse, massage, and mask, you can slip into that dress confident your back is smooth, soft, and glowing.

Regenerating Facials

If skin renewal is your top priority, a magnetic facial could be the treatment for you. Utilizing a deep cleanse process and nourishing mask, impurities are drawn out and skin is hydrated. The result? Skin that is flawless, soft, and revitalized.

Brightening and Lightening

There are also skin lightening facials for those who want to reduce pigmentation and brighten their overall look. Exfoliants remove dull cells and minimize sun spots. Jump-starting the turnover of your skin cells brings your natural radiance to the surface.

Of course, which facial is right for you will depend on your skin goals. While monthly facials support home skincare routines, there are options for individuals who are simply interested in a treatment or two to regain confidence for the New Year as well.

Are you ready to chat with a skincare expert? Talk to the professionals at Face Reflections. Book your free consultation today.

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