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3 Ways to Prepare for Electrolysis

When you make an electrolysis appointment with a skin care professional at Face Reflections, they will share with you what steps you can take to ensure your treatment goes smoothly.

For example, you may be advised to gently exfoliate your skin prior to a treatment in order for unwanted hair to slide out with ease. While your unique skin concerns may lead to a specialized preparation plan, many find the following three ways to prepare for electrolysis helpful.

Avoid Other Removal Methods

In the weeks leading up to your electrolysis appointment, avoid other hair removal methods, including shaving, waxing, tweezing, or threading. The electrolysis process follows the hair in the follicle, so there should be growth for best results. Talk to your electrologist about how much to let your hair grow out before your appointment.

Stay Out of the Sun

A lot of sun exposure can increase skin sensitivity. Because of this, avoiding sun for a minimum of 24 hours prior to your appointment is advised. In situations where sun can’t be avoided, take steps to shield your skin from becoming aggravated by wearing protective clothing and using a high-quality, high-SPF sunscreen.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated and Healthy

Drinking plenty of water before your electrolysis treatment means your skin will be hydrated and healthy, resulting in a more comfortable and effective treatment. Aim to drink at least eight glasses of water per day in the days leading up to your appointment.

Electrolysis is a go-to solution for many who are living with unwanted hair on their face or body. At a personal and confidential consultation, you can discuss your skincare goals with an expert who will design a treatment plan to address your specific needs. Plus, they will share with you how to prepare for upcoming treatments.

Do you have questions about hair removal methods? Talk to the professionals at Face Reflections. Book your no-cost consultation today.


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