Liz Stapleton, LE, CPE / Mary Sierra, Lic. Aesthetician


Liz is wonderful! I went in for my upper lip and eyebrows and it turned out that I'm one of those "sensitive" skin gals. Liz had great suggestions to make it less painful and to help my skin calm down afterwards. She's professional, punctual and the facility is vey clean - everything I was looking for! I'd definitely recommend her.
- Maria K. - Batavia, IL

electrolysis permanent hair removalLiz is amazing. I started seeing her for one tiny little chin hair when I was around 17 maybe. My mom had gone to her which is how I knew what electrolysis was. I'm 25 now, and I am SO thankful. My little chin hair is permanently gone, and I now see Liz for upper lip and bikini line treatments. As years have passed, I need to see her less and less because the hair is gone. I just keep adding more areas! I see so many women, and even young girls who've shaved their face and it's so sad because they didn't have the knowledge that electrolysis was an option. I highly recommend her services.
- Lisa H. - Elk Grove Village, IL

Mary Sierra does an AMAZING job with high quality products! The Spa itself is relaxing, comfortable and unique. Great job and more than reasonable prices! You should check her out!
- Annie T

I have been going to see Liz for nearly two years. She is first-rate at making you feel welcome, at ease, is a great conversationalist, and is always on time with her appointments. This is especially important because my appointments are during my lunch hour. The results are excellent. I have gone to other places over the years and never felt like the results were happening quickly enough. With Liz, you can definitely see results in a very short period of time. She is great!! Thanks Liz.....
- A G. - Elk Grove Village, IL

I've been going to Liz for a little over a year now, and I've seen a dramatic difference. I am very happy I started electrolysis and Liz has been very efficient and professional. I highly recommend starting and following through with electrolysis because it is truly life changing!!
- Gina R. - Mt Prospect, IL

electrolysis permanent hair removalWhen I first started coming to Liz to remove my unwanted hair on my face I had given up all hope of ever living a normal life where I felt confident in myself. Now I can say that I feel better everyday when I look in the mirror because of electrolysis. Liz is the best of the best! She is very compassionate, understanding, flexible, and professional. She is willing to do whatever it takes to get you to look and feel your best. I love her location at the Salon because the women that work there are all very kind (and they always have snacks and coffee!). Where Liz works is very cozy and clean and she plays music to help keep you entertained while she works. I have seen such a huge reduction in my unwanted hair I can finally leave the house without trying to cover up my face with too much makeup or outfits that don't quite look right. If you have hair that you want to get rid of Liz is the best electrologist and she will help you make one of the best decisions for yourself that you can make to feel and look your best.
- Sydney M. - Wheaton, IL

My hair problem started with a few stray hairs on my chin that were a bit annoying so I tweezed them whenever they decided to show up. At first I tweezed a few hairs maybe once a week and then it slowly increased to a few times a week and before I knew it, I was tweezing chin hairs every day while looking in a magnifying mirror to make sure I got them all. It made me totally nuts to feel the coarse little buggers and I was obsessed with getting rid of them. A friend of mine suggested I get electrolysis treatment and she referred me to Liz. I was so excited to start treatment and I'm seeing great results. I plan on starting my upper lip but it's a much more sensitive area so Liz recommended a numbing cream to make it easier. I can't wait to start. Liz is the BEST!
- Maria S. - Carol Stream, IL

I highly recommend checking out this spa! Get a high quality facial at reasonable prices. I was very impressed and will be back : )
- Carrie R

If you've got any unwanted hair you want to get rid of, Liz is the electrologist to see. She does electrolysis treatment and she's the BEST--it's the only thing she does. I did some research and came across her blog (www.bestchicagoelectrolysis) which was really informative and I was impressed with her background and experience. I've been to both of her locations which are actually only about 15 minutes apart and they are both really nice--very professional, private, and most importantly, very clean. I'm nutty about cleanliness and you can't be too careful with treatments involving needles. I'm so glad I found her. I'm thrilled width the results and am happy to pass along my highest recommendation.
- Patty W. - Bloomingdale, IL